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Hrvoje Kukina

PhD Candidate in Applied Mathematics (Quantum Computing & Artificial Intelligence)


I am a PhD candidate at TU Wien, Austria, specializing in applied mathematics (quantum machine learning).

At TU Wien, my research primarily focuses on applying reinforcement learning to medicine, leading to the publication of a paper titled “Superhuman Performance on Sepsis MIMIC-III Data by Distributional Reinforcement Learning”.

I am also a research collaborator and a former visiting PhD student at the University of Cambridge, UK (DAMTP, Isaac Newton Institute) where I worked on quantum model-free reinforcement learning algorithm and its computational complexity and on hybrid quantum-classical model-based reinforcement learning algorithm.

Furthermore, I am the founder and president of the Cambridge University Quantum Association and Quantum AI Podcast host (

Additionally, I was a recognized PhD student at the University of Oxford, UK, where I worked on my PhD thesis. I conducted research in the Engineering Science department and at Magdalen College, focusing on deep reinforcement learning for quantum device control.